Cross issue is confused

By Jeremy Fejfar, March 21, 2008

The problem many people seem to be having with taking down the “Star Hill Cross” is the perceived object that’s under dispute. Many people are getting very upset because they see this as an attack on Christianity. This could not be further from the truth.

The dispute lies solely in the government showing favoritism to any religion. Those who are advocating that the cross should be taken down would also take issue with any religion’s symbols, thereby maintaining government’s neutrality with regard to all. In a country where we have the constitutional right to worship or not worship however we see fit, no group should be made to feel marginalized when the government acts preferentially toward one particular faith.

Taking down or moving the cross is not anti-Christianity, it is pro-religious freedom. Crosses are great in churches, homes, businesses, anywhere that is not government property. Also, selling the land under the cross is not an appropriate solution unless Holmen plans on putting it up for open bidding or allows other groups to buy spots on the hill for the same price. Since I don’t think anyone wants to look at a hill lit up with dozens of symbols on it, we should keep the hill secular with just the Star and Flag illuminated.

Besides, if Jesus returned, I don’t know how favorably he’d take to a giant, Las Vegas-style representation of his teachings. Perhaps he would take his scourge on down to the Village Hall.

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