Silence is better

By Larry Imhoff, August 20, 2009

This is in response to Aaron Miller’s Aug 16. letter criticizing an attempt to replace La Crosse Common Council sectarian prayer with a moment of silence.

A moment of silence would give each council member time to commune with his or her God or otherwise prepare for the business at hand. A moment of silence does not restrict or disparage anyone’s beliefs or the reasonable practice thereof. It merely acknowledges a diversity of thought.

I’m sure it will come as a shock to Miller, but there are many non-Christian belief systems each as valid as his own. Yet he yells “persecution” anytime someone objects to putting his religion first. Are there no restrictions on where Christians may pray aloud, such as a Muslim mosque or a Jewish synagogue? How about funerals at the above sites? To promote his religion, Miller believes we should ignore religious history. Given religion’s history, I can see his point, but that is exactly why we must guard against religious encroachment into governmental activities. Look at the many examples where religion and government are or have been joined. Then show me one successful example.

He simply wants us to ignore the facts so he can have his religion anytime, anywhere and in any way he wants.

This is tolerance?

How would Miller react if another group insisted on practicing their beliefs in the middle of his church services? What if this group were neo-Nazi or a coven of witches? That would be a true test of his tolerance.

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