The enlightened mind in La Crosse

By Mike Dishnow, June 17, 2008

The establishment of the La Crosse Area Freethinkers is a breath of fresh air. The greatest of our thinkers and scientific minds foreshadow this development. It is not only enlightening, it is essential in the modern world.

East Asians do not believe in God- Japan and China. The Hindus of India have no concept of the hereafter or a transcendent God figure. Most of Europe has transcended theology and embraces secularism. Christians believe in a transcendent God as do the followers of Judaism and Islam- they are in a minority in the world.

Enlightened foreign policy would suggest leaving the church and its nuances back home. Unfortunately, the United States, especially during this Republican administration has lost sight of reality. One can live in the past happily. However, one cannot function effectively on the world stage with faded dreams.

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