Think & Drink – November 16, 2012

Think & Drink

When: November 16, 2012 (Friday) at 5:30 PM

Where: JavaVino at the Village Shopping Center (the intersection of Losey Blvd. and State Road)

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3 Responses to Think & Drink – November 16, 2012

  1. Jerod says:

    I would like to attend a think & drink but I usually work Fridays and in order to get a day off I need to put a request at least a month or more in advance. By the time I get the message that there is going to a think & drink for this month, it is too late for me to put in to have that day off unless I switch days with someone and it isn’t easy to get someone to work a Friday. So I’m wondering if there is a pattern to the think & drink scheduling. Like, will the most likely date for December be Friday the 14th or the 21st? Or are these things just not scheduled that far ahead.

    anyway, thanks for your time

  2. jeverett says:

    I passed this on up the chain. I’ll let you know what I find out.

  3. jeverett says:

    Apparently, the Think & Drinks are normally done on the third Friday of each month unless special events or holidays alter the schedule. This month it will be December 14 in order to avoid conflicts with holiday plans. January should return to the third Friday.

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