A ‘real’ opportunity

By Mike Dishnow, June 23, 2010

The stars in the heavens have lined up. We have an opportunity, a “real world” setting in which to compare the effectiveness of religion vs. logic and rational thought.

Senate Resolution 145, state of Louisiana, recognized and declared Sunday, June 20, as a statewide Day of Prayer for Louisiana and the population and region surrounding the Gulf of Mexico. This was passed unanimously at the urging of Louisiana state Sen. Robert Adley.

Now, all we have to do is “wait and observe.” Will the oil miraculously evaporate and/or disappear this week or the next? If so, the engineers and scientists, and, of course, our misguided governmental efforts to “stop the leak” and coerce BP to compensate the victims, will cease – no need for engineering or financial wizardry where God is involved.

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