Diversity Day in Viroqua

By Mike Dishnow, March 28, 2006

Lea Hanson-George is not alone in her disappointment. It is unfathomable that a nation, blessed with the advances in learning we have enjoyed, would harbor such pockets of deep-seated animosity and ignorance.

The question that begs an answer is motivation. What motivates the group that has worked to add Diversity Day to the local educational calendar? What motivates those who strive to see that it is cancelled, or modified to suit their needs?

Which of the groups might I call the “Big Tent” group? Which group is the “Small Tent” group? Which group celebrates the right of conscience and allows individuals the dignity of choice? Which group is more interested in having us all think and believe alike? Which group honors and celebrates education, learning and the growth of individuals? Which group discards any new evidence or learning that deviates from the views they already hold?

I am appalled and speechless when I see decisions, at the highest levels, based on faith-based science, while the work of objective scientific study is disregarded. Narrow exclusionary views are not helpful in the modern world, nor were they historically. Have we learning nothing from the misadventures of the past?

One of the world’s foremost and most respected spiritual leaders is reported to have stated that he would change his “religious views” if our quest for knowledge (science and learning) should prove him wrong.

I long for the day that more of our religious leaders show that level of intelligence and openness to change.

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