Doesn’t sound so loving

By Helen Neubauer, May 19, 2009

As usual, I am sadly amused by the intolerance and hypocrisy that flows from the pens (or should I say keyboard) of some people who call themselves “Christians.”
Perhaps Dolly Wolfe should reread what she wrote. On one hand, she claims her god is a “loving and forgiving God,” and then she turns around and says God is wrathful and sends floods and other natural disasters … if God is loving, why would s/he punish the innocent?

And, most important, if Christians believe that God created everyone, why do they feel it is OK to be intolerant, bigoted and judgmental of other people, who surely must be god’s creation?

I would think there would be no place in a Christian’s life for hatred and intolerance; after all, Jesus was said to have loved the sinners. I’m an atheist and there is no room in my life for hate. Kind of interesting.

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