Keep line between church and state

By Justin Ahrens, April 11, 2008

Letter writer Dianne Klinski says, “(People) should research the religious traditions of a place, its people and customs before moving to an area.”

That is completely ridiculous. It does not matter what the religious customs and traditions of a city or town are; if they violate the law, they violate the law. Just because something has been around for a number of years does not make it OK to violate the law, no matter how long these symbols or customs may have been in place. It is contrary to the Constitution to display religious symbols in public places, plain and simple. I find myself dumbfounded every day reading the opinions posted by Christians because they refuse to realize that no matter what the circumstance may be, religious symbols, practices, traditions (no matter how long they may have existed) are prohibited from being displayed on public lands. It’s that simple.

Finally, it was tradition for decades that women were not allowed to vote. People came together and complained, realizing it was wrong that men could vote and women could not.

I think you would disagree because now it’s easy to see that it would be illegal and unfair to women. Just as displaying a religious symbol in public domains is illegal and unfair to those of us who do not want religion infecting our everyday life. The line between church and state are becoming more gray everyday, and it is time for this to stop.

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