Picture Title Author Is Available ISBN
thumb_god_delusion The God Delusion Dawkins, Richard Available 978-0-618-68000-9
thumb_infidel Infidel Ali, Ayaan Hirsi Available 978-0-7432-8969-6
thumb_lang_god The Language of God Collins, Francis Available 978-1-4165-4274-2
thumb_amer_grace American Grace Putnam, Robert D. Available 978-1-4165-6673-1
thumb_selfish_gene The Selfish Gene Dawkins, Richard Available 0-19-286092-5
thumb_losing_religion Losing Our Religion Cupp, S.E. Unavailable 978-1-4391-7644-3
thumb_god_no God, No! Jillette, Penn Available 978-1-4516-1037-6
thumb_secret_war The Secret War with Iran Bergman, Ronen Available 978-1-4165-5839-2
thumb_rage_god The Rage against God Hitchens, Peter Available 978-0-310-32031-9
thumb_bible_m_twain The Bible according to Mark Twain Twain, Mark Available 978-0-684-82439-0
thumb_free_will Free Will Harris, Sam Available 978-1-4516-8340-0
thumb_deep_time In Search of Deep Time Gee, Henry Available 0-684-85421-X
thumb_about_time About Time Frank, Adam Available 978-1-4391-6959-9
thumb_priest The Priest O’Donovan, Gerard Available 978-1-4516-1061-1
thumb_being_nothingness Being and Nothingness Sartre, Jean-Paul Available 978-0-671-86780-5
thumb_vows_silence Vows of Silence Berry, Jason Available 0-7432-4441-9
thumb_war_choice The War on Choice Feldt, Gloria Available No ISBN
thumb_rock_casbah Rock the Casbah Wright, Robin Available 978-4391-0317-3
thumb_truth_grief The Truth about Grief Konigsberg, Ruth Davis Available 978-1-4391-4834-1
thumb_first_contact First Contact Kaufman, Marc Available 978-1-4391-0900-7
thumb_columbus Columbus and the Quest for Jerusalem Delaney, Carol Available 978-1-4391-0232-9
thumb_spellbound Spellbound Palmer, Karen Available 978-1-4391-2050-7
thumb_march_hell Marching Toward Hell Scheuer, Michael Available 978-0-7432-9971-8
thumb_thousand_lives A Thousand Lives Scheeres, Julia Available 978-1-4165-9639-4
thumb_ungodly Ungodly Dracos, Ted Available 0-7432-2833-2
thumb_universe_nothing A Universe from Nothing Krauss, Lawrence M. Available 978-1-4516-2445-8
thumb_george_big_bang George and the Big Bang Hawking, Lucy & Stephen Available 978-1-4424-4005-0
thumb_amer_unreason The Age of American Unreason Jacoby, Susan Available 978-0-375-42374-1
thumb_shadows_ancestors Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors Sagan, Carl Available 0-345-38472-5
thumb_moral_landscape The Moral Landscape Harris, Sam Available 978-1-4391-7122-6
thumb_whose_hell Who’s Who in Hell Smith, Warren Allen Available 1-56980-158-4

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