Scary: McCain and Huckabee get along well

By Mike Dishnow, February 8, 2008

Tuesday was Super Tuesday, the closest this nation has ever come to a national primary election; 22 states held contests.

There is no clear front runner in the Democratic Party and Senator McCain has a comfortable lead among the Republicans. Mike Huckabee ran very well in the Bible belt and traditional Republican strongholds. I read that McCain and Huckabee are friendly and get along quite well. This scares me.

Gov. Huckabee has been quoted as calling for amending the Constitution to make it more Bible friendly, to bring it in line with God’s law.

Having a man who thinks like this a heartbeat away from the presidency would be potentially damaging to our way of life and our basic rights in a free nation. There is a reason that our forefathers did not mention God in our constitution; it is a document created by men, for men.

We rely on the wisdom of mankind to be sufficient, indeed superior, in deciding questions of governance. Let us have the wisdom to leave the theocratic ways to the dictatorial leanings of some in the Middle East.

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