Tacit promotion of religion

By Maria Runde, February 5, 2010

In response to John Ewers’ letter (Your Views, Jan. 24 Tribune): The cross is undeniably a proprietary symbol for Catholics, Lutherans, evangelicals and all Christians. Even those who don’t believe in Jesus as the “son of God” recognize the cross as the symbol of Christianity.

The Founding Fathers of our country were erudite and wise. Not only had they balked at a government-enforced religion, but they also sought to establish a free world in which no one felt persecuted by others. As long as our elected officials remain free from religious influence, we are in keeping with our Constitution. The moment we allow preference for one belief system over another, we risk everything. We would need to allow not just the cross on our government buildings, but also the star of David, the Kalachakra of Buddhism, the lion of Rastafarianism, the hand of Jainism and a symbol for every other existing religious group. Anything else is a tacit promotion of some religion.

If you can truly assimilate this, you are one step closer to understanding the wisdom of our founders.

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