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Religion is Unnecessary for Morality

By Jeremy Fejfar, September 29, 2013 Published in the La Crosse Tribune. At 7 PM on October 20th, in the Cartwright Center at UWL there will be a debate between an atheist and a pastor titled, “Morality: Can we be … Continue reading

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What matters most is how we live our lives

By Mike Dishnow, August 24, 2011 Who or what is the creator of “the creator”? The “first cause argument” is without merit. One can always seek a reduction of one more step. As Dean Stroud wrote in a column in … Continue reading

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Those Who Don’t Believe in God Still Can Be Good

By Jeremy Fejfar, November 28, 2010 The case is sometimes made that belief in a god is healthy for a society, that it somehow keeps a population behaving well and not reverting back to behave in a manner more akin … Continue reading

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